Bee Removal

 Here at JDA Trappers, we provide safe & humane honey bee swarm removal. We can also relocate established beehives in structures and trees. We have non-evasive eradication of all stinging insects. We can provide organic non-pesticide removal of all stinging insects. We have trained technicians to bee proof your home and repair and seal any openings that the bees have used to enter your structure as well as repair any openings we make to extract their nest. We can also maintain beehives (in supers) you might want or have on your property. All services are guaranteed in writing and all estimates are FREE!

At JDA Trappers we specialize in safe, professional, and cost effective bee removal service.  We don’t use dangerous chemicals.  We believe in live bee removal whenever possible.

We offer bee removal from all kinds of structures, such as, residential, commercial, storage, concrete walls, chimney’s, etc

The most effective way to take care of your bee problem is to extract them from the void areas of your home that the bees have formed their colony.  The good thing is, we offer same day service, and our trucks are equipped with the right tools, the right repair person, and the right materials to handle the job properly and safely.  We also back-up our work with the longest warranties in the industry.

Contact: Jeff for Free Inspection